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Recently, Shanghai Xiangyin Information Technology Co., Ltd. has signed a contract with 800 customers to build an information security firewall. He has designed three futures for the graphene industry: Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. has officially signed a contract with 800 customers (), hoping to realize the development and transformation of the enterprise with the help of information management and provide users with a more secure, efficient and low-power information system

Shanghai Xiangyin Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise providing internal information security services with information leakage prevention technology as the core. It is a leading provider of security and terminal protection solutions for document experiment systems that need to be robust and durable. Its self-developed secureone enterprise security management system has become one of the products that can provide overall internal security solutions in China. At present, the company has provided product services to many military and large-scale manufacturing enterprises, such as the technical foundation Bureau of the General Equipment Department of the people's Liberation Army, Dalian heavy industry hoisting group, Dalian Bingshan group, Shenyang Blower Group, CITIC Pacific Daye Special Steel, etc

Shanghai Xiangyin has always adhered to the principle of taking quality as its life, science and technology as its backing, and market as its orientation in its development. In recent years, the company's business assumptions have gradually expanded to take advantage of lower temperatures, and more and more customers. In order to achieve unified management of customer service nationwide, provide standardized services, and ensure that customers receive all-round product services and technical support, the company finally reached a cooperation with 800 customers and deployed a set of 800app-crm system, To achieve the unity of data, standardization of management and practicality of operation, and finally strengthen the brand competitiveness of the company

as the largest enterprise management software supplier in China, 800 customers are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services in the shortest cycle, and their independently developed CRM system has won customers' trust and affirmation. At present, 800 customers have become China's top information technology solution supplier. After receiving the implementation task of Xiangyin, the 800 customer implementation engineers customized a set of 800app-crm system integrating market management, sales management, customer service and OA office system, which fundamentally solved the internal management bottleneck of the company

through 800app-crm, Shanghai Xiangyin can establish a relationship between market activities and customers, contacts and clues of the enterprise, record the relevant expenses of market activities, master the progress of activities and other information throughout the process, and provide reference for the input-output analysis data of various market activities in the future. The system can also track the sales status along with the company's sales progress, and provide multi-dimensional information, including business follow-up, customers to be contacted in the near future, the performance and expected revenue of each sales, and the success rate of visual prompt segment promotion for failures at all levels. At the same time, OA collaborative office can realize cross departmental office in different places, make the cooperation between different departments such as production and R & D convenient, save employees' communication time, reduce contradictions, and improve employees' office efficiency

today, with the rapid development of information technology, while the sharing of data and equipment is improved, it also brings some disadvantages, such as illegal theft, replication and malicious use of information data, which brings great challenges to enterprise security management. As a leading provider of document security and terminal protection solutions, Shanghai Xiangyin will certainly be able to complete the development transformation to the direction of high technology, high quality and high added value of information security with the help of the company's internal management upgrade, and build a secure information firewall for enterprises

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