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Recently, Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the 2015 photovoltaic power generation construction plan: the 2015 photovoltaic power generation construction implementation plan is to add 200.1 MW, of which 144.1 MW is distributed photovoltaic power generation, accounting for more than 70%, and 56 MW is photovoltaic power station. At the same time, the projects listed in the program must be completed before the end of the year

according to the current subsidy policy in Shanghai, distributed photovoltaic projects will receive subsidies ranging from 0.25 yuan to 0.4 yuan per degree for 5 years. The "kilowatt hour subsidy" for distributed PV is 0.25 yuan/kWh for industrial and commercial users, and 0.4 yuan/kWh for individuals, schools and other users who enjoy preferential electricity prices

high subsidies make rooftop solar power generation popular in Shanghai. Shanghai people can naturally settle this account: in addition to local subsidies, distributed photovoltaic power stations can also receive a subsidy of 0.42 yuan from the state finance for each kilowatt hour of power generated. If the remaining power is uploaded to electricity, the "power sale" income will be calculated according to the benchmark electricity price of desulfurization coal-fired units connected through interconnection and IOT in Shanghai of 0.39 yuan

in fact, the policies introduced in Shanghai are only a microcosm of the recent intensive introduction of photovoltaic stimulus policies in various regions. According to incomplete statistics, customers from Shanghai, Shandong, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Hubei, Jiangsu, Hebei, Yunnan, Anhui and Fujian are welcome to visit our factory, and many provinces and cities such as Guangxi, Hunan, Guangdong and Inner Mongolia have successively issued this year's photovoltaic power generation construction plans, and increased the per kilowatt hour subsidy policy

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