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On April 24, Shanghai Tianjiao futures closed higher in the early trading volume. On April 24, Shanghai Tianjiao futures opened lower and went higher in the early trading volume. Most of them closed up slightly and held large positions. After the main 809 contract was slightly lower, it fluctuated upward after a short dip, but the futures price was blocked by the 5-day moving average, which was more than the maintenance of consolidation near it. The intraday trading was light and closed up slightly, and the position increased slightly compared with April 23. TOCOM Tianjiao phase 29 carbon structural steel cargo mostly closed down slightly in early trading

on Thursday (April 24), Shanghai futures trading had to conduct early trading in the SHFE natural rubber futures market before the materials were formed. The main 809 contract opened 20500, with a maximum of 20770 and a minimum of 20405, and closed 20690, up 90 points from the settlement price on April 23. The trading volume was 75320 hands and the position was 62034 hands. Description of spring testing machine of testing machine factory

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