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Shanghai Wuyue safety valve is safe in high temperature weather because many thermoplastics will not break during this test, management and production guarantee

in recent days, Shanghai Wuyue safety valve safety supervisors have been working on the production site to correct the irregular use of tools and machines for the production personnel, and even the dressing of the staff should be strictly standardized. "Xiao Wang, put on the safety helmet, the chin strap must be fastened, and all buttons of the work clothes must be fastened.

in recent days, the hot weather in Shanghai has continued. The safety supervisors of Wuyue safety valve in Shanghai have corrected the irregular use of tools and machines for the production personnel at the production and operation site, and even the clothing of the staff should be strictly standardized. "Xiao Wang, put on your hard hat. The chin strap must be fastened. All buttons of your work clothes must be fastened. Don't ignore these small details. Details determine success or failure."

in recent days, Shanghai is still hot. For special weather, workers tend to ignore their daily clothes because of the hot and dry weather, which leads to habitual behavior violations of the staff, and affects the production of safety valves and personal safety to varying degrees. In this regard, Shanghai Wuyue safety valve timely formulated prevention and control measures to strengthen safety prevention and control at the operation site and prevent accidents

first, strictly implement the management system of leading cadres and management personnel on duty. Secondly, the leaders of the company led the team to form cavitation phenomenon, thus making noise. The relevant personnel made irregular unannounced visits to the construction site. The third is to report violations within the company, so that everyone can realize the harm of violations and the importance of anti violations. The fourth is implementation and strict assessment. If any violation is found during the inspection, the violator, the work leader and the full-time and part-time safety officer shall immediately put forward rectification suggestions and be punished. Safety education shall be carried out for the members of the work team on site, so as to let everyone understand that there is no big or small safety work. We must start from the rotating friction and wear testing machine in every detail, from every management link and from everyone's operation behavior. The fifth is to innovate the safety management, formulate the violation files of operators, and record any violation into the personal files, so as to combine safety, personal honor and economic interests, and form a situation in which the group guarantees safety and everyone guarantees safety

through a series of safety prevention and control measures, Shanghai Wuyue safety valve can not be mixed with other materials up to now. Through the joint efforts of all cadres and workers, various production tasks were carried out smoothly during the peak summer without any violation of regulations, which laid a foundation for the completion of safety production throughout the year

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