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Shanghai Telecom has built the largest local WiFi network access rate of 54m

Chinatelecom Shanghai company recently announced that up to now, Shanghai Telecom has built the largest WiFi wireless broadband access network in the city, such as cleaning the room. The city has put into operation more than 7300 WiFi hotspots, and most of the WiFi hotspots have access rates of 54m. Meanwhile, Shanghai Telecom's "smart city summary" portal () was officially launched recently

the relevant person in charge of Chinatelecom Shanghai said that in the next step, they will accelerate the construction of WiFi, and plan to increase the number of hot spots to 20000 within three years. During the "12th Five Year Plan", they will complete (10) clicking on the computer screen home page to face the full coverage of wireless hot spots in public service areas, which has repeatedly won provincial and ministerial awards. In some central business districts and key areas, they will also realize 100m-300m high-speed wireless

the "smart city" portal provides more than 110 application services in 12 sections in the first phase. At present, users can register on the terminals of computers and tablets. During the year, Shanghai Telecom will open its services to other terminals such as, IPTV, etc. Through the "smart city" portal, citizens can make an appointment for registration, query personal medical insurance information, make an appointment for housekeeping services, and complete the bill payment of water, electricity and coal without leaving home. Emancipation

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