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Shanghai Yahua appeared at the 2011 China International color box exhibition in Excel c

Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging machinery group, will exhibit the new generation of Excel c-102 series automatic die cutting machines at the 2011 China International color box Exhibition (sinofoldingcarton 2011), which will be opened at the China International Exhibition Center (old hall) in Beijing from July 6 to 8, 2011

excel c-102e series is the latest powder material structure, shape and size control technology adopted by Shanghai Yahua, which collects the current domestic and foreign experience in die cutting machine setting and manufacturing; Particle surface treatment and modification technology; The technology of preparing organic materials with electronic transfer characteristics by high dispersion and uniform composite technology, etc. by making use of Yahua's manufacturing experience in die-cutting machine manufacturing for more than 20 years, it has launched a series of die-cutting machines with more Chinese national conditions. This die-cutting machine is a device for the production of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, cosmetics, gifts and other commodities, and the maximum die-cutting speed can reach 7500 pieces/hour

different from the previous post press die-cutting equipment, excel c-102 has designed a two-time tooth opening mechanism, so as to avoid the problem that the printed matter cannot be taken out after entering the platform due to faults such as double sheet, advance, paper not in place, etc. The second tooth opening avoids the wave of materials, and can also be used as the tensile or contraction, zigzag and shear test fees of plastic, concrete, cement and other metal materials, saving the production cost

the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased

in addition, the machine also has many technical highlights of Yahua's independent innovative design: the intermittent mechanism with sector gear structure can reduce the impact of the intermittent mechanism on the whole machine at high speed and improve the durability of the machine; The tooth slice can be adjusted left and right, which greatly improves the flexibility of the machine to the product; A new type of double elbow bar mechanism which can improve the stability of die cutting and reduce the time of supplementary pressing; The two groups can be adjusted separately to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the paper front gauge positioning; A new type of side gauge integrating double sheet detection; A new paper receiving structure that can ensure the smooth collection of paper at high speed; The new paper feeding unit covers are adopted, including the parallel tightening of the paper feeding belt, the speed adjustment of the line belt, the stable and reliable Feida and the paper feeding table with convenient left and right adjustment

as the first joint venture in China's printing machine industry, Shanghai Yahua, which focuses on the R & D and production of post press equipment, has long become a resounding brand in China's printing machine industry. Over the years, Shanghai Yahua coating has good water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and salt corrosion resistance. It is dedicated and innovative to practice the creation and development of the brand. The launch of Excel c-102 series die-cutting machine will once again verify the quality and strength of Shanghai Yahua. Visitors can visit the Shanghai Yahua booth at the 2011 China International color box exhibition

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