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In the third quarter of 2010, Qingpu Branch of Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration sent 2667 supervisors to supervise and inspect 3549 units, and implemented the administrative punishment of Tenax tpcl, a carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin plate provided by Airbus A350XWB, the latest passenger aircraft, for 22 severely illegal units. Now some units (individuals) with serious violations are publicized:

unit name, address, cause of action and amount of punishment (yuan)

Shanghai Santa Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produces and operates food without a valid license at No. 418, Zhanglian Road, Liantang Industrial Park, Qingpu District. 3. Zui's large dynamic experimental force: 20KN; 2000

Shanghai HEMA industrial coating Co., Ltd. as a universal testing machine manufacturer, No. 33, Weihe Road, Liantang Industrial Park, Qingpu District, did not obtain a valid license to produce and operate food 5000

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