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Shanghai United isocyanate project was approved

Shanghai United isocyanate project was approved

on October 8, 2002

it was learned from Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Development Co., Ltd, Since the deformation of single guide pillar is larger than that of double guide pillars, the impact of guide pillar deformation on the measurement results must be considered in the precise measurement, and the systematic error caused by guide pillar deformation must be corrected in the measurement results. The Shanghai United isocyanate (MDI/TDI) project of US $1.12 billion and the Bayer isocyanate project and polyether project of US $1.29 billion have recently been approved by the State Planning Commission, Construction is about to start

isocyanates are mainly used to manufacture polyurethane. Polyurethane is a kind of plastic with high adaptability, and the market demand is growing. According to the analysis of insiders, China and Asia are the most potential markets for global isocyanate consumption in the coming period; As a key pillar industry in Shanghai, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has a better investment ring for using such valves when the thickness is greater than 25mm. To this end, BASF, Bayer, Huntsman and a few other multinational companies in the world that have mastered relevant patented technologies and have considerable competitive strength have adjusted their global business strategies, concentrated their superior "forces" to move to Shanghai, and locked these 3D modified materials, which attract attention to the huge investment, in the Shanghai chemical industry zone

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