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Shanghai Sansi "black technology" smart street lights landed in the capital attracting attention recently, major domestic mainstream media have reported 20 sets of smart street lights installed in Dongcheng District of Beijing. The smart street lamp integrates intelligent lighting, micro base station, WiFi transmission, video monitoring, information release, charging pile and other functions. It has developed from "smart manufacturing" of Shanghai Sansi to 3400 exhibitors in 2017

domestic mainstream media have reported that "black technology" smart street lamps

as the first batch of smart street lamps to land in the capital, the project has been reported by a number of central and capital media upon its debut. Under the reports of the people, Xinhua news agency, China News Agency, CCTV, China Energy News, China must cut or fold raw material science and technology news, Legal Evening News, Beijing Morning Post, Beijing Evening News, Beijing times and other media, Beijing citizens and even the whole country know that Beijing has installed a number of magical street lights full of "black technology" elements

up to now, 13.1 million people have read the Beijing Smart street lamp project reported by CCTV official wechat

smart street lamp "one pole with multiple functions"

the Wi Fi signal transceiver, intelligent dimming LED street lamp and camera on the top of the smart street lamp pole, the high-definition LED display in the middle, environmental sensor and the public charging pile below all make these street lamps bring a full sense of "black technology". After being put into operation, these smart street lights will realize video monitoring, wireless urban WiFi coverage, PM2.5 intelligent sensing, intelligent charging pile, municipal facilities monitoring and other functions through the "smart city access platform"

intelligent street light source adopts LED lighting. Soft warm white light shines at night. It can automatically adjust the light according to traffic flow and weather conditions, so as to achieve on-demand lighting, saving more than 60% energy than conventional street lights. For the maintenance and repair personnel of street lamps, each single lamp of these street lamps can be monitored and monitored independently, and the operation of each street lamp can be monitored in real time on the computer, which saves the manual night inspection and greatly saves their workload

on the side of the lamp pole close to the road, there is a small door with a palm size. When it is opened, it is the charging interface of the electric vehicle. In the future, as long as the app software is used, you can locate the rechargeable circuit lamp pole and make an appointment for charging at any time. After self-service charging, Jinan testing machine factory can take a holiday to pay for the slippery road in winter

the blue electronic screen hanging on the upper side of the lamp pole is the highest definition outdoor small spacing LED display with glassless design in the market, with a pixel spacing of 3mm. It is also a unique "smart" product of Shanghai Sansi. On the screen, the temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5 and other information can be seen at a glance. At the same time, it can also display how many charging piles, how many are charging and how many are idle on this road section

glassless outdoor P3 HD LED display

after WiFi is put into operation, citizens can search for the word "fuhexingludeng" as long as they walk near the street lamp post and turn on the WiFi. They can use the WiFi network for free by logging in

what's more amazing is that these smart street lights can also monitor the manhole covers and other municipal facilities, and give alarms about embezzlement, which can be displayed in real time on the information platform of the monitoring center and the connected management equipment such as tablets

after the official operation, the smart street lamp will serve as an intelligent terminal for the construction of the capital's smart city to collect data, and provide services for citizens in the aspects of safe city construction, urban information release, emergency early warning, convenient communication services, environmental pollution monitoring, emergency power supply, etc. Some experts commented that smart streetlights avoid the asynchronous and repeated construction of infrastructure in the construction of smart cities, and can bring great economic benefits after large-scale promotion

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