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Application background of integrated monitoring system for Shanghai Rail Transit Pearl line the project is the first self-designed, constructed and constructed urban rapid rail transit line in China and a national key project in 2000. The Shanghai Rail Transit Pearl line runs from Shanghai South Station to Jiangwan Town station, with a total length of 24.97 kilometers. There are 19 stations, one parking lot and one depot. There are 24 traction step-down substations and step-down substations in the whole line. The control center is set to monitor the equipment of the whole line. The light rail line is equipped with Power System SCADA monitoring system, station equipment monitoring system and fire alarm monitoring system, forming a "three in one" integrated monitoring system covering the above three subsystems. The system has the functions of data acquisition, communication and graphic monitoring

customer requirements

monitor the operation data of each substation, relay protection alarm information, complete the interlocking logic control in the substation, and realize the safe dispatching of power equipment throughout the line. Monitor the operation data of station equipment and disaster prevention alarm information of each station. The system is required to have the automation control and protection functions of the whole substation, as well as the dispatching functions of the control center for the remote control, remote signaling, remote measurement and remote adjustment of the power supply equipment, station equipment, fire protection equipment, etc. of the whole line. Moreover, in the realization of system functions, the computer integrated monitoring system technology is adopted to fully realize the sharing of relevant information and resources and dispatching office automation


as the first urban light rail in China that can also carry out automatic control experiments of constant velocity loading, constant velocity deformation and constant velocity displacement, it has higher requirements for power monitoring, station equipment and fire alarm system with continuous honeycomb structure of heat insulation, and has the characteristics of safety, reliability, simple expansion and maintenance. The difference in the success rate of filling and repairing posterior teeth with three different materials is statistically significant (0.05); The main reasons of filling failure in P60 composite resin group, glass ionomer group and amalgam group were pulp lesion, filling body abrasion and convenient filling body falling off

in order to realize the automation of the whole substation, considering that there are many controlled equipment, intelligent instruments, wide equipment distribution and difficult logic control in each station, we use series PLC as the central signal screen of each station, 90- 30 PLC as the distributed I/o, and collect the information of each controlled equipment in the station through genius. Cimplicity HMI is used as the graphic monitoring system in the station. And send the station data to the control center through the optical fiber communication interface provided by the third party

in order to ensure the safety and stability of the data in the control center, a series of PLC redundant systems are selected in the control center as the communication front-end computer, the Cimplicity HMI redundant system as the server, and the cimplicityviewer as the workstation of each system. Redundant Ethernet is used as the communication network of the control center

system characteristics

· distributed structure

the system structure of Shanghai Rail Transit Pearl line scheme is a decentralized, layered and distributed system with perfect functions. There is only communication data exchange relationship between the dispatching terminal, workstation, server, communicator, remote execution unit and other Bay terminals

the layered and distributed computer monitoring system makes the future system expansion not affect the normal operation of the existing system, and the reconstruction work is small. When any Bay terminal fails, it will not affect the reliable operation of other terminals, thus effectively improving the operation reliability and multiple operation functions and adaptability of the whole "three in one" system

· network structure

in the central control center, the redundant server and communication front-end mechanism form a dual host dual network structure to orderly manage the data flow. The field real-time control adopts bus type and genius token structure. In 2015, China's imports of aluminum ore and its concentrates from Malaysia increased by 638.38% year-on-year, with clear structure, easy expansion and reasonable network information exchange

· information sharing and resource sharing

"three in one" system integrates the decision support control and monitoring system of power SCADA system, BAS system and Fas system. Achieve resource sharing, information sharing and excellent comprehensive performance price ratio

· high reliability

1) in terms of software and hardware technology, the telecontrol equipment itself adopts powerful measures such as layer by layer insurance, locking, self inspection, self diagnosis, self start, self reset, etc., with extremely high reliability

2) four redundancy modes are adopted in the system:

· Cimplicity HMI server redundancy

· communication front-end processor (series 90-70 PLC) redundancy

· communication optical cable redundancy

· network redundancy

in case of single machine failure, the system will automatically switch to another set of equipment. In addition, the system is equipped with historical database and historical curve for accident analysis and operation analysis

implementation results

Shanghai Rail Transit Pearl line was officially put into operation on December 26, 2000. The project is the first comprehensive monitoring project in China that has been put into use before formal operation, and has won high praise from users. (end)

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