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On January 25, 2019, Shanghai zhaoyue officially launched the industrial level integrated data communication switch (mgs-6900). Mgs-6900 is a new generation of integrated service data communication related products in the current industrial communication industry, integrating functional modules such as routing, switching, LTE, GPS, low noise WLAN, i/o, rs232/485/422, etc. The structure is reasonable, reliable and durable. The mgs-6900 supports one 10/100/1000mbps WAN port for external access and also supports LTE access. It has two SIM card slots, which can realize wired and wireless dual link access and switching; It has 10 10 10/100/1000mbps LAN ports, 4 1000Mbps SFP optical ports, and the gigabit optical port/electric port can be used for Gigabit ring communication. The network self-healing time is less than 20ms; Support wireless WLAN function, with 2.4G and 5.8G dual RF, and the maximum rate can reach 1167mbps; It also supports 4 rs232/422/485 serial ports and 8 i/o digital inputs and outputs

mgs-6900 series products

product background

China's smart city has made full use of the new generation of information technology in all walks of life in the city. The advanced form of urban informatization based on the next generation innovation (Innovation 2.0) in the knowledge society has realized the deep integration of informatization, industrialization and urbanization, which helps to alleviate the problem that the mainstream TV panel size (including 32 inch, 40 inch and 42 inch) in big cities has stopped falling and stabilized, Improve the quality of urbanization, realize fine and dynamic management, improve the effectiveness of urban management and improve the quality of life of citizens. As the first domestic brand with convenient processing in the field of industrial switches, Shanghai zhaoyue has been committed to promoting the development of China's smart city industry; With leading technology and excellent quality, it has contributed generation after generation of high, special and new products to China's smart city. In order to solve the high integration of industrial communication, Shanghai zhaoyue communication, based on the industry, has deeply cultivated its products, launched the industry's first smart digital in China, and created a future mgs-6900 product

application field

mgs-6900 can be applied to various industrial sites by virtue of its unique comprehensive business data processing function, especially in urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery, smart light pole, smart city and other fields. In addition, it also has major applications in rail transit, smart power, industrial automation, new energy and other fields


mgs-6900 product application in smart lamp pole industry

mgs-6900 product application in underground comprehensive pipe gallery

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