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[Yihe doors and windows] with the extension of "Internet +", many shower room franchise enterprises have learned Internet thinking in order to transform and reform, and "new retail" also appeared at this moment. Last year, Ma Yun, a well-known entrepreneur, first proposed the concept of "new retail" at a conference. Its role is to achieve the integration of online platforms and offline entities and subvert the traditional business model. Therefore, "new retail" as a new trend, how to take advantage of the development of shower room franchise enterprises

online shopping is becoming more and more active

when this purchase mode or form of online shopping platform came out, no one could predict its popularity today. According to the data survey, in the main consumption areas, there are billions of active users of some large online shopping platforms, and there are also hundreds of millions of active users who choose shower room products. Therefore, online shopping has become an indispensable part of the daily life of the majority of consumers. The development of e-commerce platforms for shower room franchise enterprises is also a manifestation of diversification and a way out

online and offline complementation

many shower room franchisees feel that the relationship between e-commerce platforms and physical stores is exclusive, but in fact it is not. Take the shower room products as an example. Although the online products are rich and diverse, they cannot have experience and feeling; Offline consumers can experience real products in person, but the price is not as cheap as online shopping. Therefore, at this time, consumers fall into choice difficulties. Therefore, if the shower room franchise enterprises can truly implement the "new retail" model, they can fully eliminate the problem of offline, online and offline, so as to achieve a good buying cycle environment

"new retail" is a consumption change for the shower room market and a revolution in marketing and development direction for the shower room franchise enterprises. Therefore, shower room franchise enterprises must actively embrace the Internet and e-commerce in order to develop with the times

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