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August, 2013 decoration auspicious day inquiry, The auspicious days of the old Chinese calendar are as follows:

August 9, 2013, Gregorian calendar, lunar calendar, the third day of July 2013, Friday, chongniushaxi

[appropriate] marriage sacrifice, blessing, begging the heir to travel, fire demolition, decoration, migration, earth moving, bed burial, earth breaking, burial, drilling

[avoid] building a house, lighting up a haircut, shipbuilding, digging wells and cooking stoves

August 14, 2013, lunar calendar, the eighth day of July 2013, Wednesday, chongmasha South

[appropriate] Sacrifice prays for heirs to open light, go out, cut trees, make beams, fire, remove demolition, enter the population, decorate, start the ground, lift the foundation and install the bed, plant the livestock, bury the livestock, break the ground, bury the clothes, and prepare the clothes

[avoid] marry and migrate

August 23, 2013, the Gregorian calendar, July 17, 2013, Friday, the lunar calendar, Chong Tu Sha Dong

[appropriate] sacrifice, remove demolition, decorate, start the ground, put the bed on the foundation, open the gate, open the channel, open the pool, and start the mortification, break the ground and drill

[avoid] Marriage trip into the population as a stove, immigration and planting to take office

Gregorian calendar August 24, 2013 lunar calendar July 18, 2013 Saturday Chong Long Sha North

[appropriate] Na Cai dingmeng Kaiguang trip, lifting an Xiang fire, demolition, immigration and decoration, Shangliang bed, planting Na Livestock Association relatives and friends an mechanical meridians

[avoid] Logging, earth appreciation, funeral sacrifice, cooking, earth breaking, burial and praying

August 26, 2013, Gregorian calendar, July 20, 2013, Monday, flushing Masha South

[appropriate] marriage sacrifice, praying for blessing, asking for the heir to go out on fire, open light, remove demolition and decoration, enter the population, incense trading, coupons, enter the house, move to the house, settle in the bed, break the earth, earth appreciation, burial, and remove clothing and clothing

[avoid] Fasting Festival open market open warehouse for cooking and shipbuilding August 30, 2013 Gregorian calendar July 24, 2013 lunar calendar Chonggou Shanan Friday

[appropriate] an machinery Na Cai dingmeng sacrifice pray for heirs Kaiguang Pudu travel fire demolition decoration earth into the population opening transaction voucher migration settlement planting Shangliang Na livestock earth breaking coffin burial

[avoid] house marriage digging well grazing

Gregorian calendar August 31, 2013 lunar calendar July 25 Saturday Chongzhu Shadong

[should] marry, offer sacrifices, pray for blessings, ask for heirs, cut clothes, decorate hairpin meridians, put into people's beds, move the earth, erect the beam on the column, migrate, trade, set up coupons, plant friends and relatives

[avoid] go to funeral, go out to receive livestock, log and build bridges

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the number of fish suitable for each owner's friends is different, which should be determined according to each of the five elements of life. Do you know what kind of five element personality you belong to? According to the relevant records in Luoshu, Xiaobian told the majority of owners and friends Oh, how many good feng shui fish do you have

a fish --- a piece of white water can make a fortune

two fish --- two black soil blocks water, which is bad for wealth

three fish --- three green trees drain water, which is bad for wealth

four fish --- four green waters, although draining, are Wenqu stars and auspicious theories

five fish --- five loess grams of water, bad luck

six fish --- six platinum raw water is conducive to wealth

seven fish --- seven red gold water, although it is a bad star, but there is a love for each other, which is auspicious

eight fish --- eight white soil blocks water, but eight white is the left auxiliary star and the auspicious star

nine fish --- nine purple fire, but the right Bi star is a lucky star, which can make money

if there are more than ten fish, remove the integer. For example, if there are twelve fish, it is regarded as two, and if there are fifteen fish, it is regarded as five

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