Free 5-day and 4-day tour to Hong Kong and Macao i

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Free 5-day and 4-day tour of Hong Kong and Macao, just in the Yimeijia Huaibei store

"Wow, free 5-day and 4-night double flight tour of Hong Kong and Macao, is this true?" Yes, it's true. From Hong Kong, an internationally renowned brand, Yimeijia custom furniture, Anhui Huaibei store is a direct store of the company. In order to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the founding of Yimeijia company and the international Mid Autumn Festival, the company launched the activity of buying 9800 yuan of furniture for travel during the three happiness Festival, You can go and see: "Ocean Park, Victoria Harbor, Wong Tai Sin, Mazu temple, Macao Bridge, Macao three bus memorial archway, fisherman's Wharf, Lisboa Entertainment City... Many beautiful sceneries and delicious food, you can choose, you can travel far! It's so cost-effective, hurry up!! address: Kelun business street, Huaibei City, Anhui Province, Tel 18365225529





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