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If you want to buy a satisfactory wardrobe in online shopping, what should I pay attention to in online shopping

it is not easy for people to buy houses, decorate and buy furniture all their lives. Now online shopping is becoming more and more popular, and large wardrobe is no exception. If you want to buy a satisfactory wardrobe in online shopping, what should I pay attention to in online shopping

first, the style and style of the wardrobe should be determined

when choosing a customized wardrobe, the type and size of products should be determined according to the number and situation of family members. If the area of the house is limited, but the population is slightly large, the customized wardrobe should be mainly space-saving, and the shape should be as simple as possible, and the volume should be relatively small. The customized style of wardrobe should be determined during decoration

second, the size should be accurate

with the model and shape of the customized wardrobe, you can know how high the customized wardrobe is, and the placement position is clearly understood. Only then can you accurately measure the place where it should be placed, so that the size of the wardrobe will not change greatly, and the wardrobe can be satisfied

third, how to choose a shopkeeper

various wardrobe websites make people dizzy and at a loss. People who buy wardrobe should always keep a guard heart, shop around, make a reasonable budget, and constantly browse the Internet with a skeptical attitude to see the credit rating

fourth, the inspection should be careful.

the manufacturer has customized it, paid the deposit and placed the order. When the wardrobe is produced and delivered, the manufacturer will deliver it to the customer's home. Some online customization methods include free shipping and free door-to-door installation, which can also help customers save a lot of trouble. After all, it is still a little difficult to assemble large and complex furniture. When picking up goods, pay attention to whether the outer package of the wardrobe is printed with the manufacturer's logo. Whether it is damaged. If it is found to be damaged, it must be disassembled for acceptance. Be sure to open it to see whether the wardrobe is damaged. At the same time, the evidence must be left with a camera

v. warranty service should be implemented

General products will be accompanied by product manuals, warranty sheets, quality assurance certificates, etc. be sure to check and receive relevant certificates for future maintenance and use. If you find any problems during use, you should call the manufacturer according to the phone number on the warranty sheet and ask the manufacturer for solutions

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