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Fu Jingjing, a dealer of Guanhao doors and windows in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, expressed his feelings of cooperation with Guanhao: the reason why we choose Guanhao doors and windows is because the company has passed on to us the view that a win is not a win, and win-win cooperation among all people is the real win

Guanhao doors and windows Fu Jingjing

City: Zunyi, Guizhou

business brand: Guanhao doors and windows

joining time: July 2013

cooperation speech

the reason why we chose Guanhao doors and windows is because the company passed on to us the view that a win is not a win, and win-win cooperation is the real win. Through mutual tolerance, communication and understanding, and striving for common goals, we can achieve the greatest achievements. Guanhao doors and windows has a complete service process system to provide us with first-class after-sales service; If you want to have a market, you must be able to satisfy customers, and let high-quality service bring a warm sunshine to customers' lives. Such a practice promises that we will have no worries to expand the market, so that we can show our skills and make a go of it. If we say, what can Guanhao doors and windows bring to us? I can solemnly say that this is not only an excellent development platform, but also brings me unlimited opportunities and ignites my dream

business philosophy

in general, it is integrity management, customer first, and home service. Business is different from a simple profession, and business is bound to have no discontinuity for the future. To do a good job in business, the prerequisite is to do enough work; Then, do a good job in sales service. Good after-sales service needs to care about and pay attention to customers, turn passivity into initiative, and turn invisibility into tangible. We must do what we promise customers, respond quickly to customers' questions, explain clearly to customers what we cannot do, and be able to set and achieve customers' expectations. Only through such continuous service can we have sustained performance, because maintaining an old customer is more important than developing a new customer. Only by serving old customers well can we cultivate loyal customer groups and multiply sales performance

experience sharing

in the past few years of operating Guanhao, regular customers will come in and sit down for a while when they have the opportunity to pass the store, chat with the shopping guide, and get along like old friends, which makes us feel very cordial. Three years ago, a young couple came to the store. I introduced to them some product features of Guanhao doors and windows and their professional knowledge in the purchase of doors and windows. Perhaps I felt my sincerity, and finally chose to order products at my home, and introduced my relatives, friends and colleagues around me in the next days. So far, nine customers have been brought by them. I cherish the customer resources brought by this kind of word-of-mouth marketing, and I am also grateful for the support of old customers





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