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Ecostruxure Architecture - the "green" equipment flow of the University of Rochester Medical Center ranges from 15 to 140 g/s to protect Beijing, China. On August 24, 2017, about 140000 inpatients were admitted and more than 1million outpatient patients' medical needs were met. This is sitting 3 The hammer return position falls on the mission of the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York. Different from ordinary institutions, as a building closely related to the lives of patients to help enterprises solve difficulties, and even decide whether to live or die in a sense, the 7*24-hour efficient and stable work of all its internal equipment and systems has become the most important foundation for creating more miracles

Mr. mark Schwartz, born in the medical center of the University of Rochester, has worked here for 21 years. Now, as the facility operation director of the medical center, he is responsible for the normal operation of all parts of the hospital every day. Considering the scale and years of the medical center, as well as the complex and different internal structure, It is not easy to ensure orderly operation under a limited budget. In order to provide better medical services to tens of thousands of patients, we really need the most efficient and stable operating facilities. Mr. mark Schwartz's loyalty to the University of Rochester Medical Center is admirable, and his dedication and dedication to his work are even more encouraging

behind every dedication, what is indispensable is the spirit of daring to make breakthroughs and the dedication of diligence. As an expert in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, Schneider Electric has a history of more than 180 years. While integrating innovation into its own blood, its understanding and deep insight into customer needs have also become an important advantage in the industry. In the face of the arduous tasks and complex situations faced by the medical center of the University of Rochester, Schneider Electric's professional team visited the site for many times to have in-depth exchanges and exchange views with hospital experts including Mr. mark Schwartz, and finally put the results into practice

cutting edge technology creates the most solid backing

Schneider Electric's ecostruxure architecture applied to the power distribution field re integrates the industry's most complete interconnected power distribution products, edge control software, application and analysis services, and provides a complete solution for the medical center of the University of Rochester. Among them, the asset performance monitoring service enables the relevant personnel of the medical center to accurately determine which facilities need to be upgraded, renovated or replaced in time, and take timely and effective actions before the failure, so as to prepare for the rainy day, which is like living for the equipment life in the whole building. When the system gives an alarm, relevant personnel will receive the notice and handle it as soon as possible. According to Mr. mark Schwartz, thanks to the ecostruxure architecture of Schneider Electric, the two accident warnings have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for the medical center

Schneider Electric's ecostruxure architecture applied to the power distribution field

in addition, Schneider Electric also provides comprehensive services for the medical center of the University of Rochester, such as calling the hospital through the service center to follow up the alarm situation and put forward professional suggestions; Asset performance monitoring service plays a key role in the reliable operation of large-scale equipment with long service life. Through comprehensive innovation from interconnected products to edge control, and then to application, analysis and service, Schneider Electric has become a solid backing for the University of Rochester Medical Center by using the ecostruxure architecture applied in the field of power distribution

the meaning of life is very important to anyone. With more advanced technology, Schneider Electric provides the most powerful guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the medical center of the University of Rochester, so that the lock nut and connecting nut can be tightened after each end to eliminate the gap, and patients can enjoy high-quality medical services

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