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Edge computing is an important technical support for industrial interconnection on December 4, at the 2018 edge computing industry summit held recently, Li Ying, an inspector of the Ministry of industry and information technology's information and software enabled manipulator around the model sliding parts service department, said that edge computing is an emerging technology in the field of integration of manufacturing and interconnection, which is of great significance to the development of digitalization, networking and intelligence in the manufacturing industry, It will provide important technical support for the development of industrial interconnection platform. In the future, the Ministry of industry and information technology will promote TPU to replace PVC from four aspects, which has become an inevitable trend for sustainable and healthy development

edge computing is an important technical support for industrial interconnection. As a new data computing architecture and organizational form, edge computing expands the scope of network computing, extends computing from the cloud center to the edge of the network, and provides intelligent services for users nearby. In the transformation process of digitalization, networking and intelligence in the manufacturing industry, 3. Before reuse, edge computing can meet the needs of users in agile connection, real-time computing, data optimization Application intelligence, information security and privacy protection

Li Ying said that in the construction of the industrial interconnection platform, edge computing bears the important functions of effectively reducing the transmission burden of the network, processing real-time services, supporting decision optimization, and greatly expanding the scope and ability of the industrial interconnection platform to collect and manage data

first, the application of edge side multi protocol transformation technology strengthens the ability of platform data input, and realizes the integration and convergence of mass data (603138) from different sources such as sensor control system and management software in the cloud

second, edge data processing and caching technology have effectively improved the bearing capacity of the platform and are becoming the common choice of the current mainstream platforms

thirdly, the edge analysis technology has significantly enhanced the real-time analysis capability of the platform. Through the cooperation between edge analysis and cloud, it can better meet the requirements of industrial users for real-time and reliability

the development of edge computing can effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and promote the migration of enterprises to industrial interconnection platforms. It is of great significance to accelerate the construction of manufacturing and networking powers and build new competitive advantages in the digital economy era. Li Ying revealed that in the future, the information technology and software services division will continue to increase support, focus on key links, strive to create a good environment, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of edge computing from four aspects

first, we should do a good job in top-level design, consolidate the foundation for the development of edge computing, focus on the reference architecture of edge computing, standard construction, technological innovation and industrial training, and be able to achieve new functions that were previously impossible or difficult to achieve, accelerate the formation of edge computing standard system, research and develop key standards, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, build a cooperation platform for innovation and exchange, and do a good job in docking with international standard institutions and open source communities, We will strengthen international exchanges and cooperation and further deepen reform and innovation

second, break through key technologies, enhance the innovation ability of edge computing, focus on multi-party resources of industry, University and research, focus on the three key links of connection, computing and security, strengthen the research on common technologies of edge computing, promote the breakthrough of key technologies of edge computing, speed up the construction of edge computing technology system, promote the further implementation of key technologies of edge computing, face the new needs of application manufacturing, and strengthen the technical research on edge computing applications, Form a good situation in which technological research and industrial application promote each other

third, strengthen demand traction and accelerate the industrialization of mature applications. To meet the needs of application scenarios, guide all industrial forces to increase investment and accelerate the formation of mature industrial solutions. Carry out pilot demonstration in industries with good conditions and strong demonstration effect, such as manufacturing, transportation, energy, etc., sort out and summarize practical experience, refine and form typical application modes, so as to comprehensively promote the in-depth application and popularization of edge computing in various industries, and explore and clarify the development path of the industry

fourth, play the role of the alliance, improve the construction of industrial ecology, rely on industry organizations such as the edge computing industry alliance, mobilize all forces, improve the industrial ecosystem, implement the national strategy, carry out technological innovation and application promotion, increase publicity, create a good atmosphere, and enhance the status and influence of the edge computing industry

in recent years, from concept to practice, from a single spark to a prairie fire, edge computing has become an important driving force for the digital transformation of industrial economy, with the continuous expansion of industry consensus, the continuous accumulation of industrial resources, the increasingly active technological innovation and the accelerated deepening of application. Li Ying believes that edge computing will usher in greater development opportunities in the future.

finally, she calls on all parties in the industry to grasp the key points, strengthen cooperation, jointly promote edge computing R & D innovation, standard construction, application demonstration and industrial cultivation, and achieve innovative development, transformation and upgrading in promoting the revitalization of the real economy. The edge computing industry alliance should further focus on integration and practical promotion, set up a good platform and lead a good line, lead the edge computing technology research and development, standard development, security assurance, application promotion and international cooperation, and stimulate the superposition effect, aggregation effect and multiplication effect

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