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With the development of the strategy of "jointly building the Silk Road Economic Belt", more and more Sany people come to Xinjiang to invest in Sany's northwest assistance to Xinjiang. Last year, a new force was added to the Trinity team, namely, the Central Asia regional marketing company, which is responsible for the marketing work in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan

before the establishment of the Central Asian region, the Central Asian market had been marginalized. However, lijianhua, chairman of Northwest heavy industry, is full of confidence in this market. He believed that Central Asian countries have a lot of infrastructure to build, and the future is full of potential. According to the market conditions of Sany northwest and Central Asia, lijianhua put forward the strategic pattern of "international and domestic linkage, industry and market linkage, new products and remanufacture linkage". "If the marketing company in Central Asia does not have such a positioning, it is just a simple marketing company, which is no different from the previous one." In lijianhua's view, what we are doing now is a big article. "Now that Xinjiang is developing rapidly and the countries in Central Asia are close to each other, as long as we firmly hold this position, we will certainly make great achievements." He believes that in the near future, the investment of the company will achieve good returns

Sany came with the dream of "creating another Sany". Xiao Zhili is also eager to realize his dream in Xinjiang. "There are opportunities and a bigger stage." In March this year, Xiao Zhili, who had worked in Sany Jiangsu for 12 years, came to Xinjiang to serve as the executive deputy general manager of the Central Asia Marketing Company

the challenge soon appeared. The first is the lack of all-round talents. The second is the visa problem in Central Asian countries. Some countries' visas can only stay for two months in half a year. The mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong also hopes that the Legislative Council can pass the universal suffrage bill for months. For example, the visa in Turkmenistan is almost impossible. It is expensive but inefficient to enter such a market. However, the most difficult thing for Central Asia is that Sany is in a passive state because it entered the market late. Some products with a high share in the domestic market, such as excavators and cranes, lack brand influence in these countries

"we will strengthen the talent pool and hire more local employees." Xiaozhili said that through many market visits, the third problem has also been solved. "We break the deadlock from some market segments, and let large advantageous products enter important companies to create brand influence.". At present, the Central Asia region has set up subsidiaries in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan to deeply cultivate this "marginalized" market. "As of August this year, the sales volume has doubled that of last year. Next year, it will increase to 150million, and the next year, we will achieve 250million." He also believes that the market potential of Central Asia is promising

this exhibition is an all-round exhibition opportunity for Central Asia. "Sany is very professional from organization, design to on-site personnel reception, leaving a good impression on customers." Xiaozhili said that during this exhibition, several Central Asian customers and agents came to Sany exhibition area and spoke highly of Sany. Especially after watching the equipment performance on site, I had an intuitive feeling and had a stronger intention to cooperate with Sany. "I believe that after the customer returns, relying on well-known enterprises and key projects, he will show the on-site video to other people who are suitable for cold areas, and we will have a wide spread of public praise, which is conducive to the establishment of Sany brand in the local area."

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