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The economic stimulus plan will once again start the paint industry should seize the opportunity

the economic stimulus plan will once again start the paint industry should seize the opportunity

March 26, 2009

[China paint information] with the gradual emergence of the government's economic stimulus effect, the sharp decline of the industry will be contained. Plans have been made for the new round of economic stimulus plan. The government will decide whether to start the new round of economic stimulus plan based on the "face" of economic indicators in the second quarter

although the industry will certainly prosper in the future and have a bright future, the problems of the coating industry cannot be underestimated. At present, the weak market demand at home and abroad and the sharp decline in enterprise profits have become the main problems of the current coating industry. To resolve the industry export bottleneck, economic policy measures such as developing RMB export credit, increasing the export tax rebate rate, and scientifically implementing the industrial revitalization plan are of economic significance. While grasping the favorable policies, enterprises should also flexibly adjust the production and operation mode and expand domestic and foreign markets

on March 22, Jiakang, director of the Institute of financial science of the Ministry of finance, said that in 2009, with the pace of developing green buildings nationwide, China's economy will show a "low in the front and high in the rear". Since the 4trillion investment plan put forward at the end of last year was difficult to achieve rapid results, and the economy was in the upswing channel in the first quarter of last year, the indicators in the first quarter of this year must be very ugly. However, second, we should cooperate with professionals to do several things. The indicators in the quarter will be more representative. The key to whether China's economy can climb from the "top low" to the "top high" is in the second quarter

for the coating industry, there are many factors that will affect the demand for coatings. The three main determinants are overall economic activity, construction level and quantity, and specific end use products such as automobiles, furniture and containers. During the period from 2002 to 2007, there was great growth in the global economy and the compound annual growth rate of global GDP exceeded 7%. In its latest forecast, the growth rate in 2009 will drop to 4% lower than that in 2008

according to the data, China's fiscal revenue fell sharply year-on-year in January this year, reaching 11.4%. Related to this, according to orr leader's estimation, the global total revenue in 2008 was about 93billion US dollars for the paint and coating industry, with a turnover of more than 27 billion liters. In 2009, the coating industry will be flat or declining

once the new round of economic stimulus plan is launched, the macro-control will be stronger than when the Asian financial crisis was dealt with in 1998. At present, the decision-making level of the government is highly focused on the short-term investment to boost the economy. Only when the enterprises basically survive the crisis and do not weaken the performance of the experimental machine, will it be more likely to consider the medium and long-term reform of the industry. The paint market is an important part of China's economy. However, due to the current economic environment, the paint market is facing challenges

the decline of overall economic growth will seriously affect the growth of the coating industry. In the medium and long-term forecast, the coating industry is positive. The domestic paint market will rebound like China's economy

however, in the current economic situation 3. Latent injury: under the situation that the heat generated by electrostatic discharge electric field or current will injure components, in order to better survive this severe winter, the coating industry should turn danger into opportunity and seize the second round of economic plan to expand the market and promote development

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