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Economic change: e-commerce vs traditional business

compared with the Internet business, more and more traditional businesses seem too thin and simple. In essence, they just use the surrounding relationships, or run around to earn poor profits. However, it is different through the Internet, such as advertising, e-commerce, etc

no matter what concept they use and what technology they use, they are all building themselves into a platform, becoming an entrance to traffic, attracting traditional trial businesses to settle in and providing commercial services for them. Moreover, the Internet business accelerates the efficiency of the industrial cycle, and the supply and demand communication of the information stretching fixture [grip] is more accurate and fast. It not only grasps the essence of online marketing, but may have a fatal impact on the existing traditional business system. A business circle will be formed in the city, physical stores will be moved to the network, and a virtual store will be formed. Everyone can purchase more than 10 times as much as the Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway

for example, the membership service provided by yousecondhand, various businessmen engaged in the business of second-hand equipment learn to use Internet for word-of-mouth marketing, and more and more enterprises begin to use new media tools to transmit products or ideas... They gradually master these technologies and skills, then the way of Internet business will become the mainstream in the future, and the resources mastered by users will only accumulate deeper and wider, but one day, people sit in their rooms, When businesses can be concluded through Internet, it will force more entrepreneurs to start thinking about how to promote products and services

can interconnection realize this scenario? Consumer behavior demands diversification, and the Internet services provided must create a new situation of a perfect model, so as to keep up with the speed of economic development. Obviously, 3. It is easy to see that the unfinished surfaces of all parts and accessories are not primed and painted. We all know who will win this "war" between innovation and tradition

information source: yousecondhand

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