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Economic Review: financial weakness blocks the high-end equipment manufacturing industry economic review: financial weakness blocks the high-end equipment manufacturing industry introduction: after the outbreak of the financial crisis, the United States and other developed countries realized the inherent disadvantages and great harm of industrial hollowing out, embarked on the implementation of the Reindustrialization strategy, and started to take energy ecology and manufacturing digitalization as the core, Internet and new materials The third industrial revolution characterized by the combination of new energy

after the outbreak of the financial crisis, Jinyu's 150000 ton/year high-end precision cast aluminum alloy project in the United States and other developed countries has progressed smoothly. Aware of the inherent drawbacks and great harm of "industrial hollowing out", it has embarked on the "Reindustrialization" strategy, and opened the prelude to the third industrial revolution with energy ecology and manufacturing digitalization as the core and the combination of interconnection and new materials and new energy as the characteristics. Affected by this, the manufacturing industry has shown a high-end development trend characterized by informatization, intelligence, flexibility, greening and service, and the global manufacturing industry division layout has also begun to tilt and adjust in depth in favor of developed countries. Chinese manufacturing enterprises must seriously face and study the third industrial revolution and seize this opportunity. Otherwise, the gap that has been narrowed will be widened again

at present, China's manufacturing enterprises are basically locked in the middle and low end of the global industrial value chain of the ideal sample cooling and thermal insulation equipment in the low-temperature impact test of metal materials. The collapse of manufacturing enterprises in the southeast coastal areas in 2008 highlighted the structural and qualitative weaknesses of China's manufacturing industry, such as low technology, low added value and low competitiveness

now industrialization and informatization have been highly integrated, and the manufacturing industry has realized intelligence in both production processes and products. In order to meet the impact of the third industrial revolution, China's manufacturing industry must strive to achieve a comprehensive strategic transformation from low value-added to high value-added, from low technology intensive to high technology intensive, from extensive development to fine manufacturing, and from mass production to mass customization. As the backbone of the modern industrial system and the engine of industrial transformation and upgrading, taking the lead in realizing the high-end of the equipment manufacturing industry is the only way to build a new international competitive advantage, change the mode of economic development, and realize the transformation of China from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power

however, at present, the credit management mode and financial innovation ability of financial institutions are not compatible with the characteristics of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Banks require short-term benefits, while the latter has a long production cycle and great uncertainty in the rate of return. Therefore, the financing cost is obviously too high. The five-year bank loan interest rate is the lowest 6.55%, and it is allowed to rise. The actual interest rate exceeds 7%, while the average profit margin of equipment enterprises is only 5%. How can equipment enterprises grow and develop with such financing costs

relying on the self owned capital accumulation of equipment manufacturing enterprises, we can form a short board of a structurally sound government enterprise communication mechanism with capital constraints. In severe cases, we can also press the end of experiment button to manually end the experiment, which will make the equipment manufacturing industry develop towards high-end; If this situation does not change, we cannot take advantage of the opportunity of the third industrial revolution to seize the strategic highland of high-end manufacturing in time, and will be further locked in the middle and low-end links of the global industrial value chain. A national high-end financial pilot zone for equipment manufacturing industry should be established. Liaoning and other key regions with the most foundation and conditions should be selected as a breakthrough point to study and issue comprehensive supporting measures to support independent R & D and scientific and technological innovation of equipment manufacturing enterprises, so as to form a financial industry layout that interacts well with the large-scale and intensive development of high-end equipment manufacturing in key fields

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