Simple decoration effect drawing of 100 square met

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100 square meters is not too large, but it is also possible to create a spacious and comfortable effect. The modern simple style conforms to the modern fast-paced pace of life, but it can not meet people's luxurious enjoyment of life. Next, I want to share with you the 100 square meter decoration effect drawing of poly Park Jiuli, which uses modern and simple design to dress up a luxurious effect, full of people's needs for life

decoration effect drawing of 100 square meters in Jiuli of poly Park

Light Ivory White makes people feel the exquisite state of simple European style, simple and elegant colors, and exquisite lines, as if they are all telling the enjoyment of aristocratic life. The huge design is solemn and grand, and the lower space is also used reasonably. The huge wine cabinet design covers the whole wall, showing a modern sense of luxury

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