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(high quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows) in addition to resisting mosquitoes in summer, the integrated window screen is also helping you resist some magazines and dirty dust carried in the air. Almost 90% of the furniture will use the integrated window screen, so the integrated window screen with more excess dust and oil pollution Is there a good cleaning method? Today, I'll teach you some tips for quick cleaning

one of the tricks of fast cleaning: introduce washing powder or detergent into the basin and stir evenly; Then spread a layer of old newspaper on the window screen, use a brush to apply self-made cleaning liquid, spit it out, take it to a place where the sun is easy to shine, and when the newspaper dries, say that the newspaper will be clean after taking it down. Although this method is practical, many people feel bored

the second trick of fast cleaning: put diluted cleaning liquid into the water spray pot, and then spray it on the window with the window screen as a whole. This method is more meticulous. Because the water spray pressure is small, some friends use a pressure water gun, and the feedback effect is good

the third trick of fast cleaning: stick the waste newspaper directly behind the window screen that needs to be cleaned, and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust. This method is also effective. The key is to keep the floor dry without water

the fourth trick of fast cleaning: soak the sponge with tap water and apply it (a small amount of water is enough), which has a good effect on cleaning dust

the fifth trick of fast cleaning: stir edible alkali and hot water evenly, and brush the alkaline water cleaning solution on the window screen with a soft brush On the window, wipe it with a wet cloth with water after 5 minutes and weeks. This kind of cloth is suitable for removing oil and grease, and the effect is particularly good

the sixth trick of fast cleaning: mix milk and washing powder with clean water to make detergent, brush it, and wipe it with a wet cloth with water around the 5-10 substation. This kind of dust removal effect is particularly good, but the removal effect of greasy dirt is general





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