Poetry and painting Jiangnan wall cloth A06 series

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Spring is a picture of flowers. The next spring rain will bring spring flowers into bloom. From ancient times to the present, there are always people who "cherish spring and are often afraid of flowers blooming early", so there is an invincible blooming on the wall. Now let's have a look with the poetry and painting Jiangnan wall cloth

answer song

you describe the time blooming thousands of flowers, and I drum my song for spring. With the beige stone pattern as the bottom, the flowers bloom one after another, twining one after another, and are perfect, just like spring

large pieces of flowers are a little fancy, which is very suitable for matching with large pieces of bright white. The desk lamp is well matched, echoing not only the metal desktop, but also the bright white wall, so that the whole matching is integrated

the story of the past

takes the beige pink as the background color, and the classic arched pattern is matched with the metallic luster, which is delicate and elegant. Coupled with the furniture with the same retro feeling, it is gorgeous and noble. In addition, the furniture uses light warm colors, which adds a warm feeling to the whole

the old tables and chairs with paint falling off are the finishing touches, and the carving of the outline is full of craftsmanship, even if the paint falls off or rust grows. Things will be angry if they are kept for a long time. The imprint of time that has settled down is sealed in pieces of old furniture. It's wonderful

Qi Meng

there are flowers, dreams, wine, endless poems, and a calm distance. At first glance, the eye-catching contrast and color contrast is like glimpsing the future in a corner through the magnificent kaleidoscope. As the background color, clean white dilutes the jumping feeling brought by the collision color, and it won't be bored after watching for a long time

flowers are a decoration that can never go wrong. No matter what kind of room, a bunch of flowers can instantly become lively. Open the white curtain again, and the sun shines all over the ground. It is bright and comfortable, and the fragrance of flowers seems to be mixed with the smell of sunshine


in the sky, Lianzhi on the earth. With variegated wood grain as the bottom, the leaves with rounded curvature stretch out, intertwined up and down, twists and turns, reminiscent of the original longing for love

the matching furniture is also gentle and rarely angular. Mellow and exquisite pottery, round glass vases, a cluster of delicate white discs, naive log sofas and chairs, no angular lines let the furniture and the wall integrate, full of tenderness and beauty to overflow


the sky is too far away and the flowering period is too short, so we draw into the flowers and bloom on the wall. The clear and refreshing eggshell green, coupled with a clean white texture, makes the base cloth clean, fresh and full of vitality. The withered leaf colored flower branches have a decadent taste. When they collide with the vibrant eggshell green, the two coordination is just right

with bright white floor curtains and frames, the space is clean and transparent, full of the smell of sunshine. The color of the furniture and the color of the twigs on the wall cloth echo each other to coordinate the whole space

green plum

plum leaves sour and soft teeth, and banana is divided into green and window screen. It was only after the spring equinox that the next spring rain revealed a taste of early summer. Clean and fresh plum color, hit the same fresh light blue, dotted with small pieces of light brown, the whole wall is full of clean and fresh tone

furniture also chose the same light color. The beige floor curtains with a little gray have a natural taste. The clean white edges draw the taste of sunlight into the room. The sofa echoes the texture of the curtain, which is also a natural and fresh texture. The tea table is also white, grey and blue, which echoes the wall of the pillow


sometimes it rains at three or two o'clock, and there are ten or five flowers everywhere. With flowers as the theme and beige as the background color, this one is a little deeper than "Lianzhi". Lianzhi is the expectation of love at the beginning of love. This one is like a young couple who are old all their lives, holding hands seriously and bringing them together until they are old

the background color has been a little deep, and there is more ingenuity in the design of the flower shape. The branches are comfortable and slow, which is much lighter than the dense branches, reducing the depression brought by the background color. The matching furniture is not suitable for being too gloomy. The beige striped sofa and the tea table with metallic luster are used to increase the permeability of the space

broken branches

it looks like layers of branches, deep and shallow, far and near, dense and sparse, vertical but rigid, twists and turns, just right. The simple but not simple stripe composition always needs to be explored carefully before it feels exquisite and meaningful

the collocation of furniture seems simple, but it also takes a lot of thought. The furniture we choose is very linear, straight, zigzag and harmonious, and the pattern of the carpet is also echoing the seat surface

cloud ink

the creator painted the yellow sand in the desert, but also left a corner of the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River. The same is true of flowers, which are colorful and charming, but also deep and wild. So there is this group of clouds and ink, singing for the deep wild flowers

with a mysterious black background and large gray brown miscellaneous flowers, it is still with the wildness, fierce and chic. The dark color has its own high-level sense, and the sofa and chair with quite a sense of texture make the whole space rise to a higher level. The patterns of carpets and pillows are unique and self-contained. Beige is not as abrupt as bright white in black space, which brightens the whole space

lightly dancing

is a black-and-white dance, but it shows the brilliance of fire trees and silver flowers. The design is very tasteful, full of elegant and smooth dynamic beauty, and the gentle curve of transforming static into dynamic, making the serious black light and elegant, light and free

black and white sofa chairs with the same leaf pattern are selected in the collocation of furniture. The color is deeper than the wall cloth, avoiding the feeling of top heavy, and echoing with the wall cloth, the two are integrated. It's easy to choose the remaining accessories of the sofa, and it's beautiful enough to put versatile metal edges and flowers

(source: Poetry and painting Jiangnan art wall cloth)




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