Study decoration Feng Shui helps the cause of Shun

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When many people decorate their homes, they often focus on the design of living rooms, bedrooms and other locations, and forget the importance of study design. In fact, a study with good feng shui is not only conducive to career development, but also conducive to further study and promotion. If the place at home is shallow and narrow, and there is no study, you can also apply the following Feng Shui Tips to your desk, which can also help you get better grades in the workplace or school

・ see the window nearby ・

the study is a place for thinking. In order to avoid affecting the thinking, the window of the study should be large and sunny, and should not be covered by curtains for a long time, otherwise it is easy to feel tired when you bury your head in work, and your thinking is difficult to be clear; In addition, the window is best on the left side of the desk, and there should be no window on the right and rear of the desk, otherwise, it will form a hand shadow and affect learning. Click to apply for free, free design, free room measurement, and decoration security

Study decoration Feng Shui helps the cause of Shunda深圳胎记医院



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