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With the concept of green home and sincere business management, Lanqiao wardrobe stood out and won the "2015 most investment potential brand" jointly sponsored by home hotline and Huiya consulting

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the brand with the most investment potential

while Lanqiao wardrobe participated in the 2015 Guangzhou Construction Expo with the trend of gorgeous upgrading, on July 9, Lanqiao wardrobe won another honor, and won the "2015 national household industry dealer survey and selection activity" jointly sponsored by home hotline and Huiya consulting. After the national dealer voting and strict evaluation by the expert group, With the concept of green home and sincere management, Lanqiao wardrobe stood out and won the "brand with the most investment potential in 2015", which is the industry's affirmation of Lanqiao wardrobe and the driving force for the continuous development of Lanqiao wardrobe

"there are breakthroughs in every era, we can make progress every time, and every footprint can confirm our progress". With the concept of "green creation and enjoyment", through years of continuous development, the company's continuous innovation and reform, while deeply loved by the majority of consumers, it can also continue to be recognized in the industry and won various awards, which is of great benefit to all of conneden Lanqiao, It is not only a kind of encouragement to us, but also a kind of trust to us, a kind of responsibility to continue to develop, carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future, and create brilliance. We will also adhere to the brand concept of "green creation and enjoyment, change because of you", adhere to the guidelines of green environmental protection, respond to the rapidly developing market trend, and constantly meet the different needs of consumers. With sincere service and characteristic design concepts, we will firmly establish the market position of conneden Lanqiao, make unremitting efforts, step forward, and bravely climb one peak after another

"at the beginning of July, cordial invitation", Guangzhou Construction Expo, the largest and most complete category in Asia and even the world, has begun. As one of the pioneers of green home furnishing, Lanqiao wardrobe won the award, which is not only an affirmation but also a driving force, but also a belief in the continuous development of Lanqiao. With a brand-new and gorgeous brilliance, LAN Qiao cordially invites you to come and witness the brilliance of LAN Qiao

Lanqiao booth information

Lanqiao wardrobe

time: July 8 to July 11, 2015

address: Pazhou Exhibition Hall of China Import and Export Commodities Fair (No. 380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou)

booth: No. 23, hall 9.2, block B

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Lanqiao Fanghua, dressed up for

reputation. Lanqiao wardrobe pays attention to consumer needs, pursues details and quality, and shapes brand value.The, In order to continue to strengthen the influence of the brand, during the Guangzhou International Architectural Decoration Expo, Lanqiao wardrobe will be upgraded with a new and powerful posture and with the goal of attracting more attention. Here, Lanqiao sincerely invites every consumer who cares about green home, every enterprise and business who has a great development plan for the customized home industry, and brands in the same industry who jointly improve the influence of customized home, Guangzhou, from July 8 to July 11, witnessed the magnificent upgrade of LAN Qiao

"it's not surprising to have friends coming from afar." Guangzhou is beautiful and the China Construction Expo is wonderful. LAN Qiao is waiting for you to have a look




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