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With the development of China's Internet industry, online shopping spending has become rapidly popular. Online shops, online banking and so on are familiar to everyone, and many fashionable young consumers pay great attention to this new spending method. At present, there is a "group buying tide" in home online shopping, and an increasing number of consumers expect to participate in online group buying and enjoy the benefits of "wholesale price"

group purchase channel has great potential

with the further spread of the network, online group purchase will become more and more common, and shopping malls will continue to expand, with unlimited prospects. The person in charge of Guanhao doors and windows said: "the door and window company wants to expand the market share, but the online group purchase channel cannot be despised." In some well-known brand door and window companies, there have been many successful cases of online group purchase, and it is still in full swing. It can be said that the development momentum is outstanding

profit is the first reason for door and window manufacturers to reject group buying

carefully analyze group buying. Now the online shopping mode used by merchants is mainly through Internet channels. Professional group buying institutions gather sporadic consumers with the same purchase intention to purchase in large quantities from manufacturers. Its core advantage is now more favorable commodity prices. The quotation is more favorable, and the profit naturally decreases, which is also the biggest factor that many manufacturers and businesses are unwilling to participate in online group buying

group purchase also needs to be carefully planned.

the person in charge of Guanhao doors and windows said: "the success of group purchase is closely related to whether the business is fully prepared in the early stage. The quotation strategy is crucial during this period." It is necessary to offer discounts for group purchase, but how to offer discounts? For example, on the basis of keeping profits, an can attract consumers to purchase. This is the question that businesses should deepen their thinking. After all, in front of quotations, the primary business is the one who has the initiative. Some agents also shared their successful experience in group buying, how to formulate wonderful and effective Quotation Strategies, how to build a group buying on-site atmosphere, and so on

group purchase is an opportunity for door enterprises to seek to break

Guanhao door and window agents generally believe that group purchase is the general trend. As people rely more and more on the Internet, when they want to buy something, the first thing they think of is surfing the Internet. On the other hand, group buying by merchants is also an effective means to attract popularity and improve brand awareness and influence. Online group purchase has become an irreversible trend. What manufacturers should do is to adapt to and promote the development of this trend, seize this business opportunity and seek new breakthroughs




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