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Congratulations to Cohen appliances for winning the 2016 "high growth high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province"

recently, it was learned from the provincial science and Technology Bureau that 109 high-tech enterprises, including Zhejiang Cohen appliances Co., Ltd., have recently been recommended as high growth high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2016 after preliminary preparation and organization. This means that Cohen Electric will be the focus of provincial-level cultivation and development of high-tech enterprises

Science and technology enterprises are the entrepreneurial groups with the most innovative vitality and an important foundation for the cultivation of high-tech enterprises. In order to speed up the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation, strengthen precision services, stimulate the rapid growth of scientific and technological enterprises, and cultivate them into important objects of high-tech enterprises, Zhejiang Province launched the implementation of the "1000 enterprise climbing" plan for scientific and technological enterprises, and immediately carried out the selection and evaluation of high growth scientific and technological enterprises

in 2014, the state put forward the innovation driven development strategy and the slogan of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". We should take high-growth scientific and technological enterprises as the key objects for the cultivation of high-tech enterprises, incorporate them into the local "five help and one industrialization" service system, further strengthen precision services, study and introduce policies and measures to support the development of high-growth scientific and technological enterprises, actively carry out guidance services, help enterprises improve their management level, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, improve their innovation ability, strengthen capital docking, and accelerate their development, Create a good environment for encouraging scientific and technological enterprises to grow and expand rapidly

Over the past eight years, Cohen Electric has attached great importance to intellectual property work, strengthened the construction of enterprise management system and investment in creation, protection, application and management, and put intellectual property and enterprise management through the whole process of R & D, production, operation and sales, covering all industrial fields of the company, so that scientific research innovation and intellectual property achievements continue to flow, and the innovation momentum of the enterprise continues to be stimulated. Therefore, it has also won the Shaoxing patent demonstration enterprise, laying the foundation for the "high growth technology-based enterprise"

the emphasis on quality and technological innovation has always been the key to the development of Cohen's products. It is precisely because of the emphasis on quality and technological innovation that Cohen has won the favor of many consumers and has an expanding market. This is also another affirmation of Cohen electric after winning the honors of "high-tech enterprise" and "patent enterprise". Never forget the original intention, and keep moving forward. Cohen is fully committed to improving the Chinese cooking environment, so that every family can enjoy the relaxed cooking brought by exquisite technology





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