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In fact, in the process of decoration, appropriate and reasonable frugality is necessary, but we can't blindly cut corners. We must also pay attention to the quality of the key links of decoration, so as to ensure the quality of the whole decoration, which is also regarded as spending money on the blade

1. Don't be afraid to spend money for this luxury.

the design fee of the decoration scheme must not be spared. According to Wang Gong, a decoration designer, a good design scheme is the premise of a good home decoration work. If you ask the designer to design, you can not only design a home decoration work that best meets your needs, but also give you some guidance and suggestions on how to better carry out the decoration, so that you can avoid unnecessary losses and waste in the decoration

2. Choose green materials during construction

nowadays, environmental friendly green materials have become the most concerned factor during decoration. For example, some green floors and furniture are indispensable in the process of home decoration, which naturally accounts for a considerable proportion of the decoration cost. Only in this way can you ensure that your home life is healthy to a certain extent after decoration

3. During decoration, we should pay close attention to concealed works

the acceptance of concealed works of decoration is a very important link, which must be done in place. Wang Gong told the author: because concealed works are generally invisible to the owner, such as water and electricity wiring and transformation, waterproof and floor keel installation, these are ignored due to the owner's little attention during decoration. After the decoration, once there is a problem, it will pay a great price to repair and remedy. Therefore, some wires and pipes used in decoration must be of good quality, otherwise problems may occur after use for a period of time, causing potential safety hazards to home life

4. Those who should be stingy must save money

we must resolutely oppose unreasonable transformation in the process of decoration. According to reports, in the renovation project, we should first save some unreasonable renovation costs. Unreasonable transformation may occur in some small local changes, generic cabling, etc. In addition, the shortest distance should be taken when wiring, which can save a little cost for decoration

5. You should be in a hurry to buy decorations

after the home has been decorated, some necessary decorations can add some fun to your home. But for some handicraft decorations, you can choose a cheaper place to Taobao, as long as the decorations you choose are suitable for the style of the whole home

but for some soft decorations such as cloth art, you need to carefully understand their material and quality, and then buy them in some large stores. However, you can make a choice when carrying out preferential promotions in the store, so that you can save money for decoration





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